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We make jewel sandals in the heart of Sorrento
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Since 1950 we have been purchasing selected leathers and all the necessary
accessories to always guarantee quality and customer satisfaction.
Our shoes are appreciated all over the world
both for the style and for the variety of models in the catalog.
The Siniscalchi jewel sandals born in the heart of Sorrento

It was the 1950s. In a small shop in the heart of the historical center of Sorrento, Salvatore Siniscalchi began his differing craft right away for his strong passion for footwear and careful attention to the smallest details.

He personally selected and purchased hides and all necessary accessories, always focusing on the quality and accuracy of the pack

Later on, he expanded its production also to footwear for men and children, specializing and getting higher.

His shoes were greatly appreciated by its style and the variety of the models in the catalog. Thus he was born Siniscalchi, a small company from the character uniquely crafted.